Many First Nations communities, leaders, and allies continue to resist this pipeline expansion imposed by colonial forces. We need a just transition away from fossil fuels that restores Indigenous power, regenerates the environment, and supports local communities. Join the resistance.




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Will George @willgeorge36

Will George

Our dear friend and land defender @willgeorge36 needs our help to get his boat back on the water for ceremonies and organized action to stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX).
We’ve created a GoFundMe (link in bio) hoping to raise $930 for necessary repairs. The funds will go towards replacing the boat’s gaskets ($180) and carburetor ($750).
TMX is being built through unceded Indigenous land without consent from Indigenous Nations along the pipeline route. The project would increase tanker traffic sevenfold, create an almost guaranteed risk of oil spills, and push the critically endangered Southern Resident orcas to extinction. Pipeline projects continue to fuel the climate crisis and the ongoing colonization of Indigenous Nations.
Let’s all stand with Will as he does everything he can to stop TMX. Let’s all donate what we can and share this with friends and family. Thank you so much everyone
Tsleil-Waututh Nation @twn_sacred_trust

Tsleil-Waututh Nation Sacred Trust

Tsleil-Waututh Nation Sacred Trust . The Sacred Trust is mandated to oppose and stop the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project
Kwekwecnewtxw @protecttheinlet

Kwekwecnewtxw – Coast Salish Watch House

Kwekwexnewtxw – Watch House was erected by Coast Salish elders and members to stand in the way of the Kinder Morgan expansion on their unceded lands.
Tiny House Warriors @tinyhousewarriors

Tiny House Warriors

The Tiny House Warriors: Our Land is Home is a part of a mission to stop the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline from crossing unceded Secwepemc Territory.
Ten tiny houses will be built and placed strategically along the 518 km TransMountain pipeline route to assert Secwepemc Law and jurisdiction and block access to this pipeline.
This is one of the most serious threats to our Territories. We have never provided and will never provide our collective free, prior and informed consent – the minimal international standard – to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Project.
Investors take note, the Kinder Morgan project and any other corporate colonial project that seeks to go through and destroy our 800,000 square km of unceded territory will be refused passage through our territory. We stand resolutely together against any and all threats to our lands, the wildlife and the waterways.
We, the Secwepemc, have never ceded, surrendered, or given up our sovereign title and rights over the land, waters and resources within Secwepemcul’ecw. We have lived on our land since time immemorial and have never been conquered by war. We collectively hold title and governance regarding Secwepemcul’ecw and the collective consent of the Secwepemc is required for any access to our lands, waters and resources.
We are going big, by going small, and our first tiny house build date is set for the September 5-8th at Neskonlith (near Kamloops). By building these Tiny Houses, we are asserting our collective Secwepemc responsibility and jurisdiction to our lands and waters. Each tiny house will provide housing to Secwepemc families facing a housing crisis due to deliberate colonial impoverishment. Each home will eventually be installed with off-the-grid solar power. The Tiny House Warrior movement will be the start of re-establishing village sites and asserting our authority over our unceded Territories.

We are committed to upholding our collective and spiritual responsibility and jurisdiction to look after the land, the language and the culture of our people. The Tiny House Warriors are building something beautiful that models hope, possibility and solutions to the world. We invite anyone and everyone to join us.




Build the capacity of people, organizations, and movements – especially Indigenous ones
– doing impactful on-the-ground work.


Build the capacity of people, organizations, and movements – especially Indigenous ones – doing impactful on-the-ground work.


Every little bit counts. We need your support to get this timely and inspiring documentary in front of the most people possible, as well as to continue campaigning and educating. This is just the beginning for Coextinction. We hope you'll join us!

*For larger donations of over $500, please contact us directly at so we can provide a donation receipt with the support of our charity partners. Thank you.




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If you are not Indigenous, be sure you act as an ally to, accomplice with, and co-resistor alongside Indigenous peoples in any action you organize, and center Indigenous needs, desires, and perspectives. Here are three helpful resources you should read from Dakota Swiftwolfe and the Montreal Indigenous Community Network, Morgan Tsetta, and Amélie Lamont.