Restoring power to First Nations communities and transitioning out of open pen fish farming is already increasing healthy wild salmon populations along the coast and supporting sustainable local livelihoods. Let’s keep the momentum going!




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Swanson Occupation @getthefishfarmsout

Swanson Occupation

Mayaxala xans awinakola. Let us respect our land sea and air. Our organization is dedicated to the protection of wild salmon and advocates for the removal of open net-pen fish farms. We fight for wild salmon and ask you to join us. Our home is Alert Bay.

Namgis First Nation @namgisnation

Namgis First Nation

Service Canada is taking steps to ensure everyone can connect and get the full benefit of the Government of Canada supports available in these challenging times. To support access to critical programs and services for clients, including First Nations members, without access to technology, Service Canada Community Outreach and Liaison Service staff are contacting communities to offer alternate service delivery methods that will continue to support accessing critical programs, services and benefits.Community Outreach and Liaison Service staff will be available to answer live calls and ensure that clients get assistance with accessing critical services such as Employment Insurance.

Ecojustice #Ecojustice


We go to court to defend nature, combat climate change and fight for your right to a healthy environment

Thanks to our supporters we represent every one of our clients free of charge.

Living Oceans Society @livingoceans

Living Oceans Society

Living Oceans Society is a Canadian environmental organization that has been a leader in the effort to protect Canada’s oceans since 1998. It is based in Sointula, British Columbia, with a satellite office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wild Fish Conservancy @wildfishconservancy

Wild Fish Conservancy

Wild fish have been an integral part of the economic, cultural, and ecological fabric of the Northwest for thousands of years. Unfortunately, over the last several decades, native fish have declined across the region. Today, many Northwest wild-fish populations face the threat of extinction, and since 1991, the US government has listed 27 populations of native salmon, trout, and char as threatened or endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.


Wild First Canada @wildfirstcanada

Wild First Canada

For over 30 years, open net pen fish farms have been releasing parasites, pathogens & pollutants directly into wild Pacific salmon migration routes—with deadly consequences.

86% of British Columbians are concerned about declining wild salmon stocks. 75% of British Columbians support transition away from open net pen fish farms.

Homalco Indian Band @HomalcoIndianBand

Homalco Indian Band

A nation with a want to succeed and to bring a positive future for all it’s people !




Build the capacity of people, organizations, and movements – especially Indigenous ones
– doing impactful on-the-ground work.


Build the capacity of people, organizations, and movements – especially Indigenous ones – doing impactful on-the-ground work.


Every little bit counts. We need your support to get this timely and inspiring documentary in front of the most people possible, as well as to continue campaigning and educating. This is just the beginning for Coextinction. We hope you'll join us!

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At-home actions

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On-the-street actions

Coextinction and any associated persons hold no legal responsibility for your decision to organize or otherwise participate in any legal or illegal actions, nor for any consequences of your organizing or participation. You organize and participate completely at your own risk and responsibility.

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You have the power to organize your own actions as well.
Here are toolkits that can support you organizing and making impact.

If you are not Indigenous, be sure you act as an ally to, accomplice with, and co-resistor alongside Indigenous peoples in any action you organize, and center Indigenous needs, desires, and perspectives. Here are three helpful resources you should read from Dakota Swiftwolfe and the Montreal Indigenous Community Network, Morgan Tsetta, and Amélie Lamont.