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"...Complex and disturbing."

- POV Magazine

"[A] critical documentary about the state of the world."

- LA Source News

"A vital, eye-opening analysis of interdependence, humbly offering the next generation a conscious path forward."

- Vancouver International Film Festival

"This is a global story about our wild animals on the planet. It's not just about the orca."

- Valerie Taylor, Playing With Sharks

"A shot straight to the heart."

- Vancouver Sun

"Coextinction is a rare documentary in the way it connects incredibly important issues, documents them with facts, and talks about it with great empathy and humanity. It's a beautiful personal journey that becomes the journey of all of us, trying to protect our planet and those who have no voices. Coextinction was my absolute favourite documentary at Jackson Wild 2021."

- Andrea Crosta, Earth League International

"One of the most important films you'll see all year."

- iHeart Radio


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